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Ask yourself this, would you buy the new Mercedes CLA Coupe? Thinking about it from a business context, is this fusion of car and tech spot on for its target market?

'An entry point for new customers...'

The CLA class has always been a strange one for me, I was never quite sure how it fitted within the highly structured nature of Mercedes’ model system. It sort of sits with a dotted line to the side of the A class while they climb up from A, B, C and beyond in their naming convention.

That being said the CLA has always held a soft spot, mainly because in world where many models are largely similar, it’s something different and there’s no taking away from its popularity, especially with younger audiences. In fact the CLA has the youngest average customers of all the Mercedes model range, something which they’ve kept front of mind when building this car.

This new CLA comes with matching sharp design options and as we’ve come to expect from new Mercedes models, it’s absolutely packed with tech, including:

Voice Control

More intelligent voice control activated by saying “Hey Mercedes”

MBUX Interior Assist

Including; the ability to detect and react differently to whether the driver or passenger are using the touch screen (e.g. through sensing who is using the touch screen it removes the need to specify which seat they’d like the massage function for); and the ability to turn on the reading light through gestures

Intelligent Drive

Semi-autonomous driving taken straight out of the S Class. With a radar system that allows it to see up to 500 metres ahead and has the ability to detect and take action if the car is moving too quickly round a corner

Safety Features

Including; active brake, lane keeping, lane change assistance and Pre-safe Plus which can detect and prepare for rear-end collisions

Energising Comfort Control

Linking various comfort systems in the car the ‘Energising Coach' can alter things like the air conditioning, lighting and music to keep you alert or calm you down. It also works with fitness watches such as Garmin to track heart rate and tailor the settings to your mood.

And much, much more!

On the driving side of things, Mercedes claim this will be one of its best cars to date. They’ve paid a lot of attention to the CLA’s aerodynamics, running a number of simulations to get the proportions just right, before moving on to wind tunnel testing.

From what I’ve seen this all combines to make for a really great looking car. It suits its proportions more than the A Class and definitely caters towards its young target market. More importantly though, this CLA could be a point of capture for the Mercedes brand, with all that tech and smart design it has the ability to be an entry point for new customers in to the brand, allowing Mercedes to ensure they go on to build loyalty and ensure repeat business with them.

But enough from me, what do you think? Is all this fusion of car and tech enough to draw you in or would you prefer something different?

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