The Classic Mini - a true survivor of the ages

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4y ago
What a beauty!

What a beauty!

57 years. The mini was launched 57 years ago!

A lot has happened since 1959, especially in the automotive world, however despite it's increasing years and seemingly ageing technology, the classic mini is still a thoroughly loved and admired British institution.

The classic Mini achieves what so many others have tried to (and failed to) - it spans generations. There are Mini fans out there ranging from small children, to young drivers, all the way up to pensioners who still remember when the Mini was first launched.
So why does the Mini have such appeal, such staying power?

Maybe it's their back to basics nature which is a breath of fresh air in an era of electronic handbrakes, park assist and seatbelt warning beepers.
Or maybe it's their charismatic appearance - those round headlights, that stubby (but perfectly formed) rear end.

Whatever the reason - the classic Mini seems to go on and on attracting new fans virtually daily.
This has caused prices to rise from their lowest ebb (around 12 years ago) and now a decent, non-rotten classic Mini can set you back well one excess of £10k (and sometimes a lot more!).

To wrap this up... We love the classic Mini. It still has all the cheeky charm & appeal today as it did when it first launched those 57 years ago.
Managing to retain a strong fan base it has (and will continue to) live in the hearts of car fans world-wide.

The classic Mini - a true legend

How about a Vtec powered offering?

How about a Vtec powered offering?

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