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With experience in dealing a variety of great cars, Martin Chisholm knows and understands the plight of you or I - how, as a classic car owner, our needs are simple but essential. So much about the enjoyment of cars hinges on whether the 'classic' lifestyle is possible despite the hustle and bustle of the week. The secret from those in the know is: just simply go out for a drive. But where to? We think we've found the answer.

I'll let Martin explain:

What is the Classic Motor Hub?

The Classic Motor Hub is a venue for meeting like-minded folk. We are putting on events that will allow people to come together with their cars and hang out. We’re trying to fulfill people's aspirations about classic car ownership, it gives you a destination and a reason to use your car.

Is this something new?

I don’t think any other dealer has done this before. We’re putting on drive-in movies, dinners in the showroom, the opportunity to come out on a Sunday morning and show your car off, see other people’s cars, mingle and talk cars and bikes.

Martin Chisholm

Why are you doing this?

I think that classic car ownership is a lifestyle thing. If we’re not encouraging people to use their cars and people are not finding a use for their cars then, you know, why does anybody do anything? Everybody that works here is a classic car enthusiast. We love the subject and we’re trying to share our passion for the subject. It’s not just about selling cars, it’s about the whole experience that the classic car world has provided for all of us.

Isn't it risky setting up in such a quiet area - will people come?

I think when someone buys a car they have a dream, they have a vision in their mind of what they're gonna do in the car. I don’t imagine any of them see themselves driving around the city in their classic car. They have an image in their mind's eye of driving along the sort of country lanes that we have around us. They picture themselves on a day like today driving along with the roof down, the sunglasses on.

No matter which direction you come from, there’s 10 miles of really great roads in each direction. We're an hour from Birmingham, we're an hour from Bristol, an hour and 20 mins from London, but it’s great roads for probably half an hour in every direction. It’s wonderful motoring.

Who are you here for?

I’m here for the enthusiast who actually wants to use their car. I’m not here for the investor, there’s no attraction for someone who wants to build a collection of cars and leave them sitting in a warehouse. We’re here for the sort of person who actually would quite like to take their car out on a Sunday morning and go for a drive.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to see an event here every weekend in a couple of years time - themed weekends. At the moment it’s Coffee & Classics the first Sunday of every month. Next year I’d like to be able to say ‘OK well the second Sunday of every month is Italian car Sunday, the third Sunday of every month is French car Sunday or hot hatchbacks, or maybe American cars’.

We will be introducing a club membership where you’ll be able to gain discounts, whether it be batteries, car insurance, car finance, all sorts of things, through our partnership deals with the sponsors, Hagerty for example.

be sure to check out coffee & classics on the 4th June!!

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