- Lee Hodge on the Minnovation P&M 1260cc thundering down towards Tower Corner.

The Classic Racing Motorcycle Club comes to Castle Combe

1w ago


Saturday 6th April saw the first event of the year for the CRMC, also this was the first time that Castle Combe have hosted the CRMC. It was also my first time attending a CRMC meeting. As always with my trusty camera.

Now some people may see Classic and immediately be put off thinking they are slow, the riders won't want to risk racing each other or heaven forbid coming off. Well let me put that thought to bed, they do race, they do go thunder down the track oh and they do unfortunately come off from time to time.

Joe Barton comes off at Quarry Corner with no injuries.

Arriving on the Saturday morning the visibility wasn't great with low cloud or fog, the wind was cutting across the old airfield circuit. In the air was the glorious smell of Castrol R (other oil is available) however probably doesn't smell as good. The programme of the weekend was to hold 39 races, qualifying and a few parades. There really is something for everyone on at the meetings.

Walking around the paddock you get to see some really special bikes being worked on and if you have some spare cash on you, you can buy some classic bikes. Clearly ask permission from the boss before hand don't rock up home with a new bike.

Work goes on before the all important qualifying.

There are a further six events this year from the CRMC. They will be at Pembrey next on May 4th and 5th, Cadwell Park June 8th & 9th, Anglesey July 6th & 7th, Donnington Park August 3rd and 4th, Mallory Park August 31st & September 1st and finally Snetterton 200 September 28th & 29th.

John Warwick on his Kawasaki going through The Essess in the post classic 500 air cooled race.

A final shout out goes to the Castle Combe marshalls stood in the cold winds and being kept busy specially those on Quarry Corner, without them we would not be able to watch these events. Thank you.