The cleanest Hako I've ever seen

2y ago


I came across this particular car at the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show in 2008, and at the time it was for sale at Auto Classica in Yokohama.

Clearly the recipient of a very thorough and recent restoration, it was as clean and spotless as it was possible for any vehicle to be.

Everything was in its correct place, with the proper decals and every part painted or plated to virginal perfection.

The cabin had a wonderful new car smell, and even the troublesome crumbly bakelite pieces were as new.

Even in the trunk, the attention to detail kept on going. 2000GT-R's had the extended 100L fuel tank that poked about 6 inches into the luggage space, and it was flanked by the correct fuel pump setup for GT-R, right down to the sheetmetal cover. That clear tube in the background is from the drainhole in the rear screen channel.

This is the usual rust spot in most Hakos, it's a box section near the cowl that is a water trap, and here's it's been done to factory standard.

It was for sale at the time, for what seemed like a ludicrous price of USD$150,000. And it did take the better part of a year to sell, too. Seems pretty cheap for such a great example in hindsight, of course!

I have found myself wondering...where this car is today. It's certainly of a higher standard than any of the 2000GT-Rs that have been auctioned in the USA to date.

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