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The CLK DTM AMG Is The Crazy Mercedes Nobody Talks About

The Story Of The Craziest Mercedes Of The 2000s

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When thinking about AMG, most people think about the SLS, or the C63, or perhaps one of my favourites, the E55. But I doubt many ever thought about the CLK - more specifically, the CLK DTM AMG. This is the story of the craziest Mercedes of the 2000s. I hope you enjoy.

Daimler Media

Daimler Media


The standard CLK at the time, the C209, was built to be an alternative to the E Class, and the C Class. The standard car came with a fairly standard I4, or if you wanted a bit more power, a V6. But if you really wanted your CLK to be a worthy opponent to a C63, you needed to buy a CLK AMG. These came with anything from a 5.0L - 6.2L V8. The CLK 55 was gifted with a decent 362hp, the CLK 63 was given a substantial boost, with 475hp, and the CLK 63 Black Edition had even more, with 500hp. But even the Black Edition was sluggish compared to the most powerful of them all, the CLK DTM. This was Mercedes' way of saying "Would you like some more?".

The CLK DTM was a limited edition celebratory car, made in honour of the CLK that won the DTM (German Touring Car Championship). It was limited to just 100 coupes and 80 convertibles. And to top it all off, they were only available in Europe.

Daimler Media

Daimler Media


You can tell that Mercedes engineers had a lot of fun with this car. The CLK DTM was a titan, even by todays standards. It made the CLK 63 Black Edition look like a Beetle, thanks to a whopping 574hp, and a supercharged V8. It also had a limited top speed of "just" 200mph.


It also sported huge rims, and a massive rear wing, which makes it look like a suitable ride for Lord Vader himself.

You get the idea.

Mercedes went above and beyond when making the CLK DTM AMG. They genuinely wanted to make it special. And they did. They created an unsung icon.

this [the clk dtm] was mercedes' way of saying "would you like more?"

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So Why Does Nobody Talk About It?

Like many Mercedes AMG Edition cars, the CLK DTM did not get enough public exposure to make a mark. And now, 16 years later, it's too late to reveal it as a revolutionary speed machine, since there are multiple AMG Edition cars that would leave the CLK DTM in their dust.

And, on a slightly more important point, it did cost $360,000

And it is sad, because it could have been really special. It could have shown the world that Mercedes was not only about comfort, and bells and whistles. We now know this, but back then, it was a little known fact, since Mercedes was still producing cars like the original A Class, which was the total juxstaposition, the total and utter polar opposite, of a performance vehicle.

Infact, I'm not quite sure what it was..

Daimler Media

Daimler Media



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