The Cobra Road Trip

1 Man, 1 Cobra, 600 miles, Length of the UK (or nearly)

2y ago

So, I have had the cobra for a week and now I need to get it home up to the North highlands of Scotland. I had suffered a classic British breakdown earlier in the week when the distributor threw a cable causing the engine to cut out but thankfully my brother came to the rescue in his Xr3i and it was a quick fix with a bit of duct tape and she was ready to roll again. After we got it home we lifted the bonnet and found it to be the unit on the side of the distributor that helps cancel out noise in the radio system. We pulled the unit off as the car has no radio and connected the two ends of the cables.

Friday the 13th came around and it was time for me to pack the cobra and take it the 600 miles from my parents house in Cambridge to my house by Inverness. This journey I knew wouldn't be easy so I set aside a few days for it, just so there would be no rush. I left Cambridge at 10 on the Friday with the maps saying I had 9 hours 30 to go. Setting off with high spirits and a full tank of fuel I hunkered down for the drive ahead. The miles started to roll by but soon the boredom also set in. Having not even got off the A10 a break from the road was already looking preferable but pushing on and sailing up the A142 and through Mepal I rode. Eventually hitting the A1, and following it all the way up to the M6 North the car ran without a problem. However by the time I managed to reach Carlisle it had taken 8 and a half hours even though the sat nav originally said 9 and a half! Not to mention the 3 fuel stops it had also taken!

I then decided to stay the night in the Travelodge in the city centre for a fair but not cheap £66 a night, not to mention the £7.50 for overnight parking. Sat in the hotel room, drinking the provided disappointing tea they provided I couldn't help but think about how much my rear end hurt from being in that seat all day. Waking up though, feeling refreshed and sort of ready for it I jumped back in and fired her up for the second part of the journey.

Within 15 minutes we crossed the Scottish border and up to Gretna, the cobra engine singing all the way as I busted out nursery rhymes at the top of my lungs. Other than a small breakdown on the A9 just before Perth when the distributor threw the same cable again causing me to do a speedy roadside repair with duct tape whilst blocking one of the lanes having lorries blasting past me, even a few guys deciding a toot of the horn was appropriate. Thankfully knowing what the fault was before stepping out the car it was fixed again in no time and I was back chugging along through Perth. Eventually after a few hours I stopped again at a roadside cafe to try and regain some feeling in my backside to no avail however as i reappeared with my coffee i did find the car being photographed by some tourist and an elderly gentleman who wanted to know more which made me happy a the vehicle was being appreciated by the public.

Managed to finally roll up to home at half 3 on the Saturday after nearly 600 miles and 6 fuel stops, but yet I had been smiling all the way, the cobra had brought about some form of a childish grin to me, it had shown me what pure unfiltered driving was like. Treated it to a full detailing session on the Sunday and then put it to bed. Hopefully this was the first of many adventures in the old girl. Eventually looking to swap her out for a Chevy small block 350 with the Edelbrock carb on top but thats all to come with time.

I will say she is still yet to be named so if anyone has any good suggestions I'll read them in the comments.

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  • Name it Cleopatra.

    If I had a Cobra, that's what I'd do.

      2 years ago