The code of Internal combustion

The sith invented their code so... I invented the ICE code.

Efficiency is a lie ,There is only Passion,.

Through Passion I gain handling.

Through handling I gain Power.

Through Power I gain Victory.

Without Driving aids my power comes loose.

My driver shall set me free from control.

There is no silence. There is screaming exhausts,

There is no Fear, There is courage.

There is no Death but rebuilds

There is no Weakness, There is reinforcements

I am the heart of hell.

I know no Fear but power.

I instill Fear in whoever hears my voice.

I am the Destroyer of silence.

I feel the power combustion

I am the fire of hell.

Everyone shall bow before me...

I pledge Myself to Petrol.

I have found True life In the death of the trees.

I know the true Power of the combustion


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  • This is a powerful poem! Thank you so much for sharing! (Sorry I did not reply sooner)

      1 year ago