- Coleman Tormentor - Credit: Adobe Photoshop

The Coleman Tormentor is a huge success on DriveTribe

A detailed review of the Coleman Tormentor a.k.a Ben Welham, who outsells the Pants Master in Australia!!!

A promising start

The concept of the Coleman Tormentor was first introduced to the world in 2000 after some serious R-rated engineering efforts went into creating a beautifully crafted and highly specialised vehicle. A chiseled and friendly-looking front with some deep blue headlight, combined with a wide open and smiley front grill complete a look that just screams "I'll troll you!", but in a relatively good-hearted manner. The sides are very aerodynamic, thanks to the addition of sleek wing ears that just makes the Tormentor to glide effortlessly through the air in the comments of every Coleman and non-Coleman article alike, to bring joy to the passengers and attract a number of pants in the process. Now we've had an issue with our review unit since the back door would not open for some reason, but that's just nitpicking.

Coleman Tormentor - Credit: Adobe Photoshop

Coleman Tormentor - Credit: Adobe Photoshop

Interior layout

The insides are the usual cushy affair and include whatever you feed the Tormentor. Some luxury burger and baked beans accents can be found here and there. The materials are mainstream for the most part, but there are some exotic touches, like the deep-fried Mars gear stick and the French fries used in the needles of the dashboard. The steering wheel is a donut and can be customised with every kind of chocolate frosting or even a vanilla spread. The attention to detail varies with the front being the place to be, rather than the back.

Coleman Tormentor - Credit: Adobe Photoshop

Coleman Tormentor - Credit: Adobe Photoshop


With the electric vehicles making a big splash on the market these days, it's rare to see the Tormentor being driven on natural fuels alone. Home-cooked meals can power it just nicely, but if you put some fast food racing fuel - this is where things can get serious. The Tormentor doesn't use that much fuel and is pretty self-sufficient by paying for whatever's going in his own tank. As for emissions - there is some methane that can escape from time to time, but nothing major. You can't exactly call it gassy, there are so much worse examples out there.

Coleman Tormentor - Credit: Adobe Photoshop

Coleman Tormentor - Credit: Adobe Photoshop

On the road . . to some pants

Here comes the driving part of this review and it's pretty fascinating! The Tormentor is sturdy and strong on the road. With its significant presence, it can sometimes be intimidating, especially for Pants Masters. He's usually measured and well tempered, but when you push the throttle all the way, it can go fast too. Cornering is subtle, even subdued, but if you decide to have fun, the Tormentor car corner quickly and even pull some serious G. The suspensions are of the durable knee-bone variety and can be fast-reacting on the changeable conditions. The ride is tight and well weighted towards being sporty and comfortable at the same time.

Coleman tormentor

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