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The Collection: Entry #1

Here begins a long, likely endless journey through the abyss of my collection of die-cast cars.

38w ago

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while. Pandemic has thrown everything out of wack, among other things. I have been wanting to get back into posting from time to time, so I will be starting a new series to: 1. Hopefully post more and be more involved again, and 2. To finally show everyone at least a bit of my (seemingly endless...) collection. Hopefully this series doesn’t last forever, but, I’m not really gonna bet it ever officially ends.

Quick Disclaimer:

I WANT TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR: I got this idea from the HOT SIXTY 4TH posts by TJ Matchthebox over the years on Kinja and now DriveTribe. I do not want to blatantly copy their idea. I do however, want to showcase. As we are both going for the same goal, I will do my very best to branch out into my own writing style. But, as I am still a fairly new writer, it might be a rough start with a lot of overlapping in terms of objective and format. If this is not allowed or anyone has problems with this, please direct message me, and I will do everything within my power to address the issue and find a solution viable to everyone.

Okay-now on to what you’re all reading this for: the cars!

I mainly collect Hot Wheels, as they are the most budget friendly. I have other brands, and we will eventually get to them. However, this series will be mainly Hot Wheels. All cars will also generally be ~1:64 scale, unless noted otherwise.

The first car in this series is the ‘55 Chevrolet Bel Air Gasser!

The ‘55 Bel Air Gasser was originally crafted by Hot Wheels designer Brendon Vetuskey in 2012. The car was released for the 2013 model year in the Hot Wheels Showroom series, specifically “American Turbo.”

This particular model is in the “Car Meet” 5-pack from 2018, made in Indonesia. It sports a nice red coat of paint with gold and black decos on the sides. The deco has a nice, simple flowing design that does not scream “LOOK AT ME!” yet attracts attention and makes the Bel Air look fearsome to competitors at the drag strip. The deco includes a 1950s Chevrolet logo underneath the right side rear-passenger window, and “Hot Wheels Drag Strip” deco on the driver and passenger doors, with “427" badging representing the Chevy big-block V8 not so under the hood. There also is a nod to Vetuskey, as his name appears on each of the rear quarter panels in place of the driver’s name.

Being the "boss" has its perks.

Being the "boss" has its perks.

Most Bel Airs did not receive deco on the roof or trunk, and this Bel Air is no different. It is expected, as 5-pack models generally do not have full decos.

My favorite part about the Bel Air Gasser has to be its stance. Generally, most people think drag racers need to have a car that is as low to the ground as possible, like a GT car.

The Bel Air laughs at that notion. It, like most gassers, has a nose up high and dry, ready to roll. To the general person, it just looks weird, but it's extremely effective, and that’s why I love it. I also love that the deco is slightly worn (I bought it from a thrift store-more cars from that purchase will come later), as it gives the Bel Air a sense of character, like a seasoned veteran.

It lurks in waiting, hungry for the next poor soul who tries to outrun it. As you go through your week, be like a Bel Air Gasser. Chin up, all gas, no brakes.

The watchful headlights of the Bel Air Gasser stand tall over all.

The watchful headlights of the Bel Air Gasser stand tall over all.

Thanks for reading! Next post will be up sometime this weekend or next week!

Edit: It was brought to my attention that Bel Air Gassers usually had the big-block V8s. The article has been updated to address that.

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  • 427 was a big block back in the day; now with the LSeseseses, it's a small block. I wish hw would do a "two-lane blacktop" version of the gasser, but then you'd see them on eBay for a billion dollars.

      8 months ago
    • Thank you for the correction. I looked online and wasn't sure which was correct. Also, a "two-lane blacktop" version would be great! Hopefully that would get released as a mainline so there's a fighting chance anyone could get one.

        8 months ago