The color of valpolicella

When people say "love of my life" i think of her

I got her 9 years ago, and I gave her my heart when I saw Giugiaro’s concept at one of the Motorshows. Alfa Romeo is a lifestyle; Brera is a state of mind.

She’s Q4 All Wheel Drive, 3.2l 260 hp and sure has manual transmission. It’s more then 120 000 km mileage, but still she can make twice – so vigorous she is. And beautiful: people still turn around to look at her. You know, most of the cars get old and odd even after 3 or 5 years and Brera is still on top of design and performance.

We have a long love story travelling through Europe to Milan for Alfa Romeo CENTENARIO and other places and I can find no other car which suites me better then Brera.

Did you hear there was an Alfa Male here? :)
I’m Alfa Female :)

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