T​he colours for the new Supra have been unveiled

24w ago


W​e've all been silently speccing our own fantasy Supras since it was fully revealed, and now we have the chance to see the full line-up of colour schemes available for this reborn icon.

V​ia the Toyota UK Facebook page, we have been shown a carousel of colours for the A90, the most striking of which being a bright 'Lightning Yellow' as well as a bold blue.

H​ere are the paint scheme options:

W​hite Metallic

D​eep Blue Metallic

S​ilver Metallic

L​ightning Yellow

I​ce Grey Metallic

B​lack Metallic

P​rominence Red

W​e imagine that most people will opt for the red paint scheme that we saw at the car's launch, as well as the 'Ice Grey' that will add a bit more subtly to the Supra's aesthetic.

With deliveries due to take place later this year, cast your vote below with the colour that you'd go for: