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The coming heritor to ferrari 488 news

Anything you want know about were here

In the last couple of months,we have seen Ferrari has tested a number of 488 prototypes both on the street and track more or less. According to some, the Maranello-based automaker is working on a hybridized powertrain for the mid-engined supercar.What some people do seem to know however is that Ferrari could introduce a successor to the 488 GTB at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year.



“Any talk of hybrid, V6, upgrade or entirely new car is simply conjecture. All dealer knows is that 488 replacements that’s plural according to email will be shown in March,” that’s what a user that goes by the name of jim g claims after emailing a Ferrari dealer.



I can surely tell you here there will be a hybrid V8 supercar, a V8 twin-turbo variant, and an all-new 488 with a new platform and a hybridized V6 twin-turbo engine.


The heritor for 488 coming to us in Geneva motor show 2019 called the facelift V8 twin turbo.

there were other two models

1. This is supercar class high performance hybrid mid engine V8 after the Geneva show called "elder"

2. The real successor to 488 brand new chassis with hybrid V6 engine

And you may want attention four times in the next year if you care Ferrari 3rd Feb, May, 9th Aug, Nov 2019

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