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I grabbed! Unveil Jimny 5 door plan !! Toughness Appearing as it is around 2020

November 28, 2018 / column

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Jimny is a very popular Suzuki’s off-loader. It seems that the time to wait for delivery gradually got shorter. Sierra which reached 1.5 L has excellent power performance and can travel long distances more than enough.

But the fan expects a big five-door Jimny. Even just the existence of ordinary Jimny is miraculous, five doors are luxurious! I guess? I want something I want.

Such a long-awaited 5-door Jimny. Information that came about in Southeast Asia could come true.

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The Best Car December 10, 2018 issue

■ Aim for production of 5-door Jimny at a new factory in Thailand!?

In fact, it was the first time in 20 years for a full model change, the 4th generation Jimny that appeared in July 2018.

While taking over the tough making and tradition like ladder frame and rigid axle, the exterior changed to square is overflowing with charm and still attracted a high popularity that is said to be more than one year delivery.

It turned out that a further impact model was prepared for that Jimny. It is said that a 5-door model with a wheelbase extension and an increased number of doors will be set.

In Japan, since the 5-door model has never been set for the previous Jimny, it may sound like a stupid story.

However, Toshihiro Suzuki president himself at the new Jimny presentation will say “I will go with 3 doors at first, but I’d like to consider while listening to the voice of the caution market” It is.

To Jimny who is selling only this, there should be a considerable number of light users who do not fully understand that Jimny is originally a superior tool to endure professional use.

It is fully conceivable that such a light user can use ease of use in everyday scenes, especially voices complaining of usability when putting people on the back seat.

Then, the setting of the 5-door model that Suzuki president would consider is no longer a matter of time.

Currently, all production of Jimny is done in Shizuoka’s Kosai factory. A situation in which a long-term delivery waiting has already occurred.

"Gypsy", which is a three-door but extended wheelbase, has been sold in India and elsewhere. In Southeast Asia there are also needs as military and police vehicles and there is expectation for 5-door Jimny

There might be a direction to feel doubts and uneasiness about adding a model that is likely to come even more in popularity, but production of this Jimny 5 door is done in Thailand so there is no problem.

Suzuki Motor · Thailand Co., which manufactures, is currently expanding its facilities, aiming for next year’s operation.

Production begins with local demand where the demand of the 5-door model can be anticipated, and it will produce models for Japan at the stage when production capacity has come a margin.

Thailand travels on the same left side as Japan. Even with no change in handle position, hurdles to introduce Japan are low.

■ Improve practicality with a 250 mm extended wheelbase

Well, what kind of car will be the Jimny 5 door, which is preparing steadily under the water for the introduction of Japan?

The base is the registered car version of Jimny, Sierra. At the stage where the wheelbase and the whole length are extended, it does not meet Japanese light standards.

For that reason there is no merit to stick to Jimny’s body. Even though you think that the opportunity for people to ride in the rear seats will increase, Sierra with a highly rated 1.5L engine is the best.

Even if you say off-road in a word, there are many layers that will not run to the Mogul terrain. 5-door Jimny should definitely hit to users seeking 4 WD who is tough and not beat the rough road (best car prediction CG)

It is expected that the extension of the wheel base will be 250 mm and the total length will be around 3900 mm. According to modern standards, it is still a compact body size.

However, there is plenty of space in the rear seat lap space, there are also original square shape of the body, the comfort of the room will be greatly improved.

Although it is a driving performance which is concerned about Jimny, since the engine does not change the car body structure such as 1.5L same as Sierra, rudder frame, rigid axle, sub transfer equipment, basically it changes from Sierra of base basically There is no.

Since the extension of the wheel base affects the lamp break over angle, strictly speaking, in a scene where a moguls run, it is also advantageous for three doors.

Just after the 5 door model has appeared, the choice will be split, like three doors seeking rough road skill anywhere, five doors with tough running and emphasis on balance of everyday.

Recalling Pajero was also a short model for the first generation. It is inevitable evolution for off-road 4WD with 5-door construction on long wheelbase !?

There is a 5-door SUV already in Crosby in Japan, but Crosby emphasizes everydayness and comfort.

Even if it is five doors, the character is fundamentally different from Jimny which places its utmost importance on practicality.

It will not be like scrambling the user inside the family. There is no disadvantage from the appearance of Jimny 5 door.

Jimny 5-door debut is expected to be 2020. It will appear at a price of about 2.10 to 2.4 million yen.

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