The Complete Jaguar Garage

2w ago


I love a good Jag, they're fast, classy and have an extremely rich history. So if they didn't have a price tag, my ideal garage for them would ideally look something like this:

The Speedy Child - Jaguar F-Type

My favourite sports car of all time

In a recent review I talked about how close to flawless this fast, powerful and classy car is. I also believe it is currently one o the best sports cars on the market currently, only really contested by the 911, SLS AMG or the GTR. But there's a reasonably large difference with this car. It's about twice as cheap. Earlier I did mention that there was no price tag, but outside of the garage there is and I believe it is just as good, if not better than it's rivals. Anyway, lets stick to Jaguars, there is definitely some competition for the spot of speedster, the XJ220, the XK, the XKR etc. The reason i didn't pick any of those brilliant sports cars is for the pure reason that its more modern and, in my opinion, looks great. Anyone who says they don't buy cars with looks in mind is either deluded or a Fiat Multipla driver and this thing looks, from every angle, beautiful. Why wouldn't you go for the most up to date, best looking model if you had an unlimited budget?

The Veteran Grandfather - Jaguar E-Type

A timeless piece of British history

If anyone said the sentence 'Complete Jaguar Garage' and didn't include this in it they're stupid. I mean, just look at it, even Sloth from the Goonies would look at this and know exactly what this is. It of course isn't able to compete with the 40+ years younger models but it doesn't need to, as it's an icon. Even so, it's 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds is impressive for the 60 year old codger that it is with a top speed of 150 mph this thing was revolutionary for it's time and is still quite speedy now! Yes, it may be hard to get one in mint condition but if you do, you'll be very happy. Although it isn't extremely practical in modern times, the E-Type will always be considered a classic.

The Mature Mother - Jaguar I-Pace

Here it is, the 2019 car of the year

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly, practical day to day 5 seater, look no further. The new Jaguar I-Pace really does have it all. The first ever EV from Jaguar is out to impress over it's cousins in range rover. It's a powerful machine that doesn't kill the Earth with it's 394 bhp because it is fully electric. Sadly for maniacs like me, it wont break your ear drum but apparently some people don't like that so for many it's a good thing. It is extremely comfortable to drive in a straight line, as most Jaguars tend to be and has a nice and spacious interior that feels like you're flying USS Enterprise so you don't need to worry about your day to day commute either. The 2019 World Car of the Year is definitely something you would consider buying. Also, just because it is an SUV it doesn't mean the classic Jaguar look is taken away, the front grille still looks hungry and angry as am I for the future of this masterpiece.

So there it is, the 3 cars I would buy if there was no price tag on any Jag. Agree? Disagree? Comment on what you would add to the collection down below.