The concept is everything

Ideas, thoughts and doubts about what will be the concept of this e30 v8 project

Developing a concept is always something difficult.

There are many variables to consider during the development of a concept. What engine to use, what will be the function of this concept, what are the right components to use due to the destination of the concept.

Perhaps is important to spend a long time thinking about the concept due to proceed quite smoothly during the development phase.

I can't deny that this phase is something tiring that keeps busy 24h per day because all the ideas could come during every moment of the day, even when we're asleep.

The rear spoiler is a tribute to DTM screamer M3 E30

The rear spoiler is a tribute to DTM screamer M3 E30

As you can see from the photo, the development and design phase is going on quite smoothly but i had an important modification: i put the radiator in front because i fear that a rear radiator could be not so useful for an extensive use. As we know, there are few the cases when front engined cars use a rear radiator and these are always cases when the engine roars for a little time (drift, rallyX) and i want a relatively great reliability for a quite long time.

Black, blue and red, another way to tribute the ///M Division

Black, blue and red, another way to tribute the ///M Division

I have also another reason to bring the radiator in that position because i thought also about the possible use of a supercharger or twinturbo setup and i could use a V-mount intercooler having a V-mount setup that is so much used on Mazda RX-7 FDs that has greater advantages than a back to back intercooler setup in terms of incoming air volume.

I'm not sure about a forced induction setup that could bring great advantages in terms of max power but it could be deleterious in terms of balance.

If i would use the forced induction setup my power objective would be a conservative 600-650 hp (from the initial 525 hp figure) that is a huge power amount but it could be a double cut blade because too much power can transform a sharp razor in a widowmaker. I don't deny, though, that the forced induction way is something fascinating.

Another idea is to use a different intake manifold, or maybe to work further about intake, exhaust and distribution using ITBs a higher flow exhaust system and a more aggressive camshaft. The counterpart is that the reliability would decrease more than a forced induction setup.

These are of course ideas but is to make you understand that a concept phase is an ideas war.

And you? What setup would you use if you were in my place? Discuss in comments

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