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The Continued Adventures of Paddy Vettel

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In this uncharacteristically hot-headed episode Paddy gets exasperated with a set of scales and drives off in a right huff, after being instructed to weigh his Ferrari during the qualifying session ahead of this weekend’s Brazilian GP. In a scene which echoes how a tramp might communicate with an inanimate object, like a park bench for example.

Apparently the normally wild-mannered German angst-merchant was less than impressed with race officials after being told he needed to have his car put on the scales during a timely pit lane tyre change; triggered by quickly evolving weather conditions at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace circuit on Saturday. Which wasn’t to Paddy’s liking and which subsequently prompted the following scenes of teenager-level stroppiness.

“Yes, I’d Like a Brazilian Please…”

We’re Not Saying Paddy is a T***, but…..

Although not quite as Charlie Sheen-esque meltdown-y as his 2016 outburst aimed at fellow Charlie, Whiting during that year’s expletive-laden Mexican GP (where not content with describing Red Bull’s Max Verstappen as a “f*****” for not getting out of his way, Paddy also went on to tell the aforementioned race controller that he should “Honestly, f*** off” too), his attitude during Brazilian quali was nonetheless unhelpful.

Unhelpful to the point Paddy refused to kill his engine while sat on the scales, knocked over a cone positioned so as to deter drivers from driving onto the scales and narrowly avoiding an official guiding him onto said weighing apparatus. Not only this, but Paddy then decided he couldn’t be arsed waiting round for the official’s nod to drive off the scales once the weight was recorded, in the process jettisoning the weight-observing equipment from behind his Ferrari on vacating the immediate area.

All in all Paddy demonstrated once again why during the close season he should either take up yoga and/or meditation classes, smoke one fuckmassive spliff and listen to a shit load of Bob Marley or just simply grow the fuck up in anticipation of March 2019. Or preferable adopt all three lifestyle revisions.

"Justin, is that you?"

Vettel’s Cock Pit....

Having said that, Drivl would hate to see Paddy lose all of his typically German personality; and that notorious light-hearted streak he briefly reminded us he possessed during Friday’s FP2 (aside from his early season hairstyle). Where during his second run out he informed his race engineer (via radio messaging) that; “There is something loose between my legs, apart from the obvious, something flying around my feet.” Reiterating over Fearraro team radio how this certain something was ‘around his feet’, Paddy comically added; “I’d be proud if it was what you think it is but it's not…”

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