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The Cool Wall - BMW 760i E67 High Security (Armored and has a V12, more info in comments)
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  • It has bulletproof windows, remote starting system, fresh air system, fire extinguishing system, under-body protection, and had run flat tires that allowed it to go a constant 50 mph for 31 miles with burst tires.

      9 months ago
    • That's the problem. You can't over throw a government. That travels in armoured cars

        9 months ago
  • If I was getting an armored car I’d get something that would be an SUV and preferably one that wouldn’t fall apart like Toyota Land Cruiser or the equivalent Lexus. This, is just a waste.

      9 months ago
  • Uncool. It's literally a tank

      9 months ago
    • But tanks are cool! Are you saying that the former Top Gear Police department spent all that tax money on uncool vehicles? Constable Clarkson is going to catch you and break every single bone in your crotch.

        9 months ago
    • He says armored cars protect the wrong people

        9 months ago


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