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  • No, no, no!

    The 1978 M1 is cool (actually, it’s in the fridge), but this lazy recreation of somebody else’s work just shows a total and complete lack imagination and originality.

    If the designers of today don’t start coming up with their own creations, what will the designers of 2059 have to copy?

    4 days ago
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    • The original 1978 M1 and the new concept/recreation are both awesome. The new M1 homage is not copying the original, but just rather putting a modern touch to it. Just reimagining.

      4 days ago
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    • I understand that, But why expend all of that effort on creating something that already exists, and is already fantastic?

      Just imagine if the designers of the ‘78 M1 had done the...

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      4 days ago
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  • They need to put this into production.

    4 days ago
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