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  • Uncool. Why? It's an American sports car. Kristin Scott Thomas would rather go on a date with someone in a diesel Renault Laguna 2.

      30 days ago
  • Cadillac, like some other companies had some amazing concepts recently that could have been made.

    The Ciel was cool and ended up in Entourage. The 16 cylinder James drove on Top Gear.

    The Lamborghini Estoque (sp?) ? Instead we have the URUS...

    As for American “sports” cars, the 60 grand Corvette C8, May not be perfect, but I’d love to see a 60 grand , hell 100 grand Mid engined sports car from anywhere... go ahead I’m waiting.

    Is it Perfect? No.

    Here is what it is.. a dam good car that anyone who can afford an M3, A4, Gt350, 718 etc, but can’t afford to maintain anything from Italy, and want a daily driver they can get serviced nearly anywhere. The closest to a mid engined daily driver I can think of is an R8.

    I spoke to a C8 owner who owns a 458 Italia. He bought the Corvette for his wife, who wanted something to replace her 911. Apparently the Porsche wasn’t reliable enough and the nearest dealer a commute too far.

    He started driving it when he wanted a backroads blast and the Ferrari had a flat battery.

    Now his wife never gets to drive her car.. he loves it. It will NEVER replace his love from Maranello, but he commutes into town daily in a Chevrolet..

      30 days ago
  • Cool i saw it in a futuristic movie. Looked very cool.

      30 days ago
  • Is it the best CADILLAC ever made??What do you think??@Tribe

      30 days ago
  • I have mixed feelings about this car. They have made some better concepts than this one. Caddy is luxo. Big. This is a step out for them which was fun for a design study. This was never going to see production. Ever.

      29 days ago