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The Cool Wall (GTA Edition)- Imponte Deluxo (Flying Delorean with missiles and machine gun)
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Comments (7)

  • Seriously uncool, because everyone using it is a fucking annoying cunt flying around the lobby griefing...

      9 months ago
    • Except me. I use it to counter MKIIs... those are even more annoying cunts who are kids that grief cargo for absolutely no reason.

        9 months ago
    • Well, I think these 2 are equally as bad. Nothing against self defense, I personally used it often for missions, yet never against players.

      But it's main use is by 11 year olds to attack players who are just minding their own business and then...

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        9 months ago
  • Uncool because usually the only time I see one they are trying to blow me up

      9 months ago
  • I dunno

      9 months ago


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