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      T​he Cool Wall: Porsche 917 Martini
      • F​reezer burned
      • S​ub Zero
      • C​ool
      • U​ncool
      • S​eriously Uncool

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      • For all those who have picked uncool or seriously uncool... We need to have a conversation, and those who know me will definitely know it won't be a friendly one XD

          11 months ago
      • It’s a race car and we all know the rules of the cool wall....

          11 months ago
        • It’s a classic tho! Sub zero isn’t enough , frankly freezer burned isn’t either

            11 months ago
        • It is uncool. Don’t get coolness in the way of greatness

            11 months ago
      • People who clicked uncool/seriously uncool meet my fist

          11 months ago


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