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The cool wall: Renault Clio V6
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  • Love this car. Would very easily swap ends being mid engined on a short wheelbase. One of the few trully great Renaults.

    Renault want to make more expensive cars, if so they should make stuff like this rather than mundane crap at a higher price. Even the Alpine which is technically a good car is still an expensive Renault and not many people want one. I’d rather have a boxster or even a high end TT and that is Renault’s problem.

      28 days ago
  • Sub zero! I used to race it a lot in Forza Motorsport!

      28 days ago
  • Sub Zero. Had the privilege of driving one. Nothing I'd driven before, or since got quite the same reaction.

    Sure, it was slower than a 182 Trophy due to the extra weight, but they sure put a smile on the face.

    They're Appreciating in value quite rapidly, too. I saw a 23k mile example for £40k recently.

      28 days ago


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