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T​he Cool Wall - Volkswagen CC

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  • This car model name annoys me.

    I hate it when car manufacturers mis-use a well-known term for their own ends

    CC became established to mean coupé cabriolet across the industry.

    Then Volkswagen decide to use it to describe a four-door saloon with a slightly sloping roof. Wrong!

    Has it kind of got coupe styling - yes

    Is it a coupé– no

    is it a cabriolet? - No

    It is a four door saloon with a slightly sloping roof. 

    Manufacturers need to stop doing this.

    Don’t miss use an established term, just come up with a new name.!Problem solved

    It would’ve been like calling the Audi A7 the Audi A8CC. Ridiculous.

      9 months ago