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    The cool wall: Volkswagen Passat W8
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    • Sylvain de la chaîne youtube Vilebrequin en avait Une

        1 month ago
    • Now this is a sleeper, you’ll can’t get a more mundane body shell than the Passat.

      I applaud VW for doing it but nobody really wants an expensive Passat or Phaeton for that matter when you could by a prestige brand. Prestige may cost £5k more on a like for like at the outset but you’ll get that back at resale time. In a lease however they were same prices! Point proven.

        1 month ago
    • What? I wish our Passats had W8s. All we got are Turbo I4s and a diesel.

        1 month ago
    • I just love sleepers

        19 days ago
    • Great car👍

        1 month ago


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