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  • That color is sub-zero, but the car itself lingers on the borderline of uncoolness, maybe the concept was better, but I'm just guessing. The XC90 is the idea of how to help Swedish mums in the Stockholm suburbs with dropping off the kids, there isn't much coolness about it. I have never ever seen one that's not black or dark blue. Mere memories indicate that I have once came across a green or a silver one, but it must have been so long ago that I'm not sure those actually exist. Oh, and without the parking sensors the XC90 seems impossible to maneuver around without inflicting huge damage to other cars, which doesn't helps. Unfortunately the Japanese (Pajero & co.) have already taken the 'cool' places of the SUV category in my heart, there's no room left for this poor Volvo.

    5 days ago
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