- M​y wife's 2015 Camry and my 2020 Corolla

T​he Corolla Is The Best Car To Own

A​nd it's not just for those of us who like good gas mileage, long term reliability, and budget friendly price tags...

4w ago

I​'ve rambled on before in this Corolla ownership series about the reasons why I personally chose to buy one. While some of you it seems enjoyed that, today's article is a bit different. I want to focus on why everyone could use a Corolla in their lives, because it is not for the reasons you think.

W​hen I bought my Corolla, it was purely because I wanted a good daily driver that got good gas mileage and had a legend of reliability. These reasons, while common for a certain group of us, do not have to be the reasons why everyone else might be convinced to buy a Corolla. There are many of you out there who might think the Corolla is boring, underpowered, and not exactly what you'd define as a dream car. This is where you might be wrong: the Corolla might just be the justification you've always needed to buy THAT car.

Example: you've always wanted a Lamborghini Aventador. You've a family, kids, pets, and your wife drives a Rav-4. How do you justify that Aventador? One day it dawns on you: buy a Corolla. No one, and I mean no one, can judge your practicality if you have a Corolla. Suddenly, the Lamborhini almost seems like a silly weekend purchase versus a life ruining debt decision. Maybe you're a hedge fund manager with boatloads of money and a lot of people hate you for making all of that money when they have none. The answer? Buy a Corolla. No one can hate you or your money if you daily drive a Corolla. Sure, you might drive your Chiron on the weekends, but when someone approaches you at the gas station for being selfish and owning a Bugatti, you can simply retort that during the week you drive a Corolla and you've suddenly become practical and down to earth again.

T​he Corolla is not simply a practical car. It is a justification for those cars of which practicality would never be mentioned in the same sentence with. The Corolla is the justification for that Rolls Royce you've always wanted, that Ferrari, that Aston Martin (my case- one day). You see, a Corolla can be that tool to get something more exciting to drive. But at the end of the day, perhaps it is the Corolla that deserves the praise and the excitement, for it could just be the element that you've been missing to make a more stupid car purchase possible one day.

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Comments (9)

  • That's sound strategy right there. 😁

      29 days ago
  • That's awesome. I loved this max.

      29 days ago
  • Do you mean...the AE92 Sprinter Trueno is the best car to own?

      28 days ago
  • The Corolla is a great car, and now it is a great looking car too

      29 days ago
    • That’s the big one! It really isn’t an ugly bland car anymore and drives quite nicely

        29 days ago
    • Yes, I especially love the hatchback variant, I think though that Toyota could make a performance version in the future as well

        29 days ago