The Corvette C8

What is the Corvette now? Unholy muscle car or legit supercar?

5w ago


The Corvette has finally gone all in on attempting to compete with the exotics from across the pond. While the Corvette in recent years has been putting up supercar like numbers, many still lumped it in with the "they can't turn" muscle car group where it had always been. However it seems Chevrolet had had enough of Clarksons comments about the Corvette being made by Willie and Bob in their backyard garage in Kentucky and decided they needed to go all in and make it a true supercar that could hopefully more easily compare to the Ferrari's and McLaren's of Europe. However, this left muscle car lovers and Chevrolet fan-boys to gasp as their pride and joy was mangled before their eyes as the Corvette became mid-engine.

I personally love the C8 and how it looks regardless of if it can be considered a muscle car anymore. But what do you think? Is the Corvette officially a supercar? Is it the worst thing to ever happen to such a historic car? Is it a muscle car still? Tell me in the poll and the comments below!!!!!!!

Gotta say, EPIC spec on this one that I got to see at Dream Ride Exp!

Gotta say, EPIC spec on this one that I got to see at Dream Ride Exp!

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  • Love the colour.

      28 days ago


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