The Corvette Stingray might just be the most revolutionary Corvette

4w ago


America is famous for McDonald's, Donald Trump, the Statue of Liberty and of course, the iconic Corvette. And there is a new Corvette and it might just be the most creasy and sharp looking 'Vette ever.

It is here at last, after an eternity long wait. Fans have been troubled by watching teasers more than a thousand times but they finally do get what they have been waiting for.

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has come and first things first, the engine is in the middle. The engine, whose position has been talked a lot, is a 6.2-litre, naturally aspirated smallblock ‘LT2’ V8, which sends 495bhp and 470lb ft to the rear wheels via a rear-mounted eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The front of this car might look a bit disowned but the rear clearly resembles the C8's ancestors. The 1530kg sports car is launched from 0-60mph in under three seconds thanks to an upgrade of 40bhp compared to the old Stingray. Sadly though, the top speed or the 0-60 figures have not been revealed completely yet.

While there’s no mention of a manual ‘box, it seems unlikely one will be offered, so you will have to work with Chevy’s first dual-clutch gearbox.

If you tick the Z51 performance pack then you'd be getting bigger brakes, better cooling and a new exhaust and the option of Magnetic Ride 4.0 adaptive dampers. Built around a strong central tunnel the C8 has a “light, stiff structure”.

The C8 is not just about speed in a straight line, the front and rear diffuser generate a claimed 180kg of high-speed downforce for better cornering. Thanks to a dry-sump oil system, the engine stays lubricated when the car’s pulling big Gs.

There might be a lot going under the hood, but one feature which needs talking is the Front lift system, which enables the car to lift its front suspension by 1.6 inches in just 2.8 seconds to protect it from speed bumps, potholes, steep grades, curbs, and other obstacles. The feature will function at up to 24 MPH. Good for Detroit's poorly maintained roads. Chevy says that it allows the driver to program as many as 1,000 locations so that the suspension automatically lifts the front of the car based on its GPS location. The driver doesn’t always have to activate the lift via the button adjacent to the shifter mechanism every time she or he arrives at the same speed bump on the road but thanks to the magic of the global positioning system, the car can do it by its own.

To keep it affordable, Chevy has gone for an aluminium McLaren-style carbon tub. Oh and there's a Ferrari style electronic diff.

The C8 along with the Weather, Tour, Sport and Track settings, also has two more gems to offer. There’s MyMode which basically a pick-your-favourite individual setting and a ‘Z’ mode, named after the famed Z06, ZR1 and Z51 Corvette performance packages. Activated through a ‘Z’ button on the steering wheel, this mode takes MyMode configurations a step further by allowing the driver to adjust the engine and transmission as well.

On the comfort bit, Chevy offers you wireless smartphone charging, a heated steering wheel, Bose audio, and on-board cameras to capture your best lap times for posterity. Chevy wants this to be 'your everyday sportscar'. So can the C8 emerge as a 911 beater?

There are also three seat options: the comfort-orientated GT1 set, the carbonfibre-trimmed, bigger-bolstered GT2s, or the ultra-focused Competition Sport chairs.

The full pricing information has not been revealed yet, but it is said that the Stingray will start under $60,000 (Huge amount of money then).

The C8 Stingray could open an all new chapter in the glorious history of the Corvette. So for now just sit back and clear your mind from all the questions like 'will it beat a Tesla in a drag race' or 'will it have a ludicrous lap time round the Nürburgring', just adore the angular styling of this car and give your eyes a feast.

What next then?

Just after the showcase of the C8, GM also showed Stingray convertible to the crowd at the California event. With the long awaited unveil finally complete, GM has now set its eyes at a nationwide tour with its new supercar, visiting dealerships across the country. Then all the concentration will got to the production of this car, expected to start early in 2020.


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