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The Cost of owning a 911 GT3 | EP66

How much does it really cost to own a Porsche 911 GT3

5w ago

In today’s Porsche Cooled podcast Michael and Steve chat about how Singer has reimagined a Safari 911. Michael is worried about 912 prices and uncovers a special Carrera GT for sale. Steve shares his insight on GT3 maintenance after almost 7 years of ownership.

Welcome back to the PorscheCooled Podcast.

Michael (@michael.bath) owns a first generation 997 Carrera, comes from Australia and currently resides in Bahrain. Steve (@gtst3ve) is a Porsche owner and enthusiast from Sydney, Australia.

This podcast is part of a series with Steve where two mates chat about all things Porsche.

Thanks for listening.

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The Cost of owning a 911 GT3




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