- BMW 8 Series Grand Coupe

The Coupé is dead, long live ''Coupe"

Not so long ago, coupe meant a sloping rear end, two doors with either two or four seats and if you had four seats, rear two were almost unusable. Design and marketing have since separated from that definition.

I should love them, not hate the

I love coupes, I really do. I'm not into wagons, nor limousines. If I had money to buy any new car it would be a two-door coupe and as I'm quite often a designated driver, four seats would be more than ideal. And then you start to think four doors are ideal because you can carry more people easily, but there's something that's not quite right about them. And then, there's an issue of them disappearing. Mercedes killed its SLC, Audi said goodbye to TT and R8, Alfa Romeo now only offers Spyder version in the USA. That's extinction, but mutations that happen to BMW's 2, 4, 6 and 8 series and AMG 4-door coupe are just a discrace.

Coupe? Excuse me?

The worst offenders

So let's say you want a coupe's design and practicality of SUV, sounds good, doesn't it? Yeah, we should love it. But wait, that's that? Yes, my fellow car enthusiasts, something that we should like is frowned upon and often described as something ugly.

GLC Coupe

SUV coupes are successful enough that Porsche has released a coupe version of Cayenne. They just aren't going away like coupes, but if you ask me the worst offender is Range Rovers Evoque in its convertible form. Granted, the first time a saw a guy in it I taught that's cool and then I checked myself into an asylum.

Range Rover Evoque

What does it mean for true coupes?

Well, if we assume that one-day cars will switch to electricity, I have good news. I predict that the last gasoline-powered car will be a coupe. Reasons for it are simple, while there are fewer and fewer of them muscle cars, rich man toys, and true drivers cars will always pursue the things that can only be achieved by an internally combusted engine.

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