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The Craziest Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai! | VLOG

1y ago


Surprises always lie right around the corner in Dubai! I find myself at the wheel of a crazy Lamborghini Huracan to convoy over to a bonkers car meet, before watching a track day with amazing cars - anything can happen...

We get started with the guys from Supercars Majlis for a convoy where unplanned I take the wheel of the Lamborghini Huracan with RevoZport body kit and an IPE exhaust. Driving with two McLarens, a 720S and 570S, the 'orange crew' heads towards our first stop at Caffeine and Machine, hosted at the Dubai Autodrome. On display, a huge variety of cars await, from supercars to classic American muscle, and from tuner cars to the craziest drift machines including the record holding Nissan GT-R that I once actually drove in the UK. Then we check out the Dubai Autodrome track where I was not expecting to enjoy seeing a Lexus LFA flying around amongst others like a Huracan GT3 and multiple Porsches.

These kind of days sum up the car lifestyle in Dubai, overloaded with surprises and the unexpected. However, that works just fine for me!

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