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The Crazy Formula: Five Massive Mexico Moments.

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Running as a non-championship event in 1962, the Mexican Grand Prix was held from 1962-1970 and from 1986-1992. Its also been on the current Formula One calendar from 2015, when the race returned to a revised layout of the Circuit Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City. Known for its hardship on engines due to the high-altitude nature of the circuit, it’s famous Peraltada corner, and the now unique baseball stadium bypassing the Peraltada in its current form, unleashing an atmosphere like nowhere else in current F1.

1. The Big One for Senna.

At the 1991 edition of the Grand Prix, the notorious Ayrton Senna found out for himself just how hard the Peraltada corner could bite, given the opportunity. The Brazilian was pushing his McLaren hard when he lost control and spun on the entry into the corner, spinning into the tyre barriers, causing him to suffer a spectacular accident and end up upside down. Despite the violent accident, Senna emerged unscathed and was clear to race.

2. Magic Mansell.

Despite the Peraltada being a fast and hard sweeping right hander to end the lap on the old layout of the Circuit Hermanos Rodriguez, this didn’t stop Nigel Mansell doing the impossible in 1990. Battling McLaren’s Gerhard Berger for second in the closing stages of the Grand Prix, Mansell pulled off a spectacular move around the outside of the corner to overtake Berger and finish second behind his Ferrari teammate Alain Prost, a move that was to be remembered and talked about for years to come.

3. Kimi Sent Flying.

On the race’s much anticipated return to the calendar in 2015, it was a good and welcome return. Valtteri Bottas found himself embroiled in a battle for sixth with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. The two had already come together in the Russian Grand Prix earlier in the year, and as Bottas made a move into turn four, the pair made contact again. This time it was Kimi that would suffer retirement, as the Ferrari jumped into the air and broke its rear suspension.

4. Vettel's Rare Mistake.

It was a day to forget for Ferrari in Mexico in 2015, as Vettel suffered a puncture due to contact on the first lap sent him to the back of the field and all of the work to do. Pushing hard, Vettel would spin at turn seven but would live to fight another day. Later in the race, Vettel would spin again at the same corner only this time would see him end up in the barriers and out, meaning it was a double retirement for Ferrari, the first for them since the 2006 Australian Grand Prix.

5. Vettel's Rage on Whiting.

Sebastian Vettel absolutely lost the plot in the closing stages of the race in 2016, when Max Verstappen refused to relinquish third place due to corner cutting. Vettel asked to get the position after Verstappen lucked up and cut turn two under pressure from Vettel. After a threating dive bomb by Verstappen’s teammate Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel ended up telling race director Charlie Whiting to F**k off when he was told the incident would be investigated after the race. Both Verstappen and Vettel would lose third place due to Verstappen’s corner cutting and Vettel deemed to have moved under braking whilst defending Ricciardo’s attack, Ricciardo would eventually finish in third. An apology issued to Whiting by Vettel would also see no further action against the German.

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