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Photos like these stir the imagination. Your world stops for a short sighted moment to fathom the very idea that could have gone into the creation of such a machine. It tells you to go deep diving into the sea of knowledge and understanding, trying to dig out as much the human brain can absorb. But what the brain doesn’t need to understand is the beautiful truth, that such machine can only exist in its natural ground, a place where the dedication in the worship of speed is the only true religion. And it is exactly for such place that Bomshell Betty Buick Riviera was brought to life for. The 2-time record breaking streamliner stretches its wings in front of the camera. Looking lustfully rustic, yet purpose built.

For such a creation to be given proper justice, there needs to be someone who has the eye to understand its beauty before everything else. Someone who has an imagination that can touch the soul of the machine, and then translate the same into visual emotions. This perfectly-framed photo series is created by one such; a worshiper of speed by passion, and a multi-talented creative by profession Christopher Wilson who has nurtured his creative side for more than 20-years.

It’s not for many to experience the salt fever. Even though many try to get close to experiencing the extreme speeds at the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, very few actually get to race on it, feel the bumps and undulations on the surface, that at those speeds feel more like small potholes. But its all part of the experience. An even filtered bunch are the handpicked lucky ones who get a taste of what it feels to be heading flat out into the nothingness of the salt plains at speeds acquired by experience. And out of them, is an even tighter niche of men, those are the ones who have conquered their salt.

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