The Creature From The Wrap Lagoon

A Friday The 13TH Creature Feature

President and Art Director, Bruno Dede, leads his team of creators at Metro Wrapz on another Avery Dennison "Wrap Like A King" contest. This contest takes entries from the best car wrap artists and ends with the world championship results released at SEMA in Las Vegas!

Metro Wrapz presents their newest creation and possibly the newest wonder of the world, "The Creature From The Wrap Lagoon".

The Feature

The Premier Party Coverage

Here I walk you through all the nooks and crannies of the launch party

The Interview

My interview with the President and owner of Metro Wrapz, Bruno Dede.

The Stars of the show

Metro Wrapz

Bruno Dede - President and Owner of Metro Wrapz

Esmeralda Pineiro - Actress

Ariel Cruz - Artist

The Creature - Acura NSX

The Contest

Wrap Like A King 2019

Bonus Features

Every movie has bonus features these days... Here is the video of Flo Rida's Bugatti that Bruno mentions in the interview. Metro Wrapz wrapped the car in gold! Check it out!

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