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The Cupra Formentor is a huge success in Europe

It outsells the Seat Ibiza in Germany!

6w ago

In order to triumph in today's automotive market, it is necessary to have a bunch of SUVs in the range or else you will slowly die. The young Spanish brand Cupra has understood this very well by creating the Formentor SUV as its first proper model. Since its launch, sales of the vehicle have exceeded all expectations in Europe.

As a newcomer in a category that is still on the rise, the Formentor is an undisputed success. In Germany, it sold 1,155 units in April alone, surpassing the sales of the popular Seat Ibiza in the same period. Demand is so high in Switzerland that delivery times are getting longer and longer.

This frenzy is delaying the arrival of the Formentor in other markets such as Australia and Chile. In the UK, Italy and Austria, the Spanish SUV is also enjoying an unexpected sales momentum. This momentum is likely to be further strengthened with the arrival of the VZ5 version with an atypical five-cylinder engine.

Photo credits Cupra

Photo credits Cupra

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