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      The Current Top 3 Best E92 M3 Race Cars Are Drift Cars

      Kristaps Bluss, Jake "DriftSquid" Jones, and James Deane pilot the monsters

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      While the manufacturers have long moved to the current generation ///M race platforms. There is one motorsport which still keeps the E92 M3 alive and it also holds in my opinion the current Top 3 Best E92 M3 race cars. That motorsport is drifting.

      Well in no particular order here are the cars:

      HGK Racing | Facebook

      HGK Racing | Facebook

      Kristaps Bluss - E92 Eurofighter

      Bluss not only drives one of the craziest high quality drift cars in the world, but he is the "K" in HGK Racing which creates the HGK E92 Eurofighter drift car.

      Full carbon composite body is the center focus in HGK's free lesson on weight savings to the drift community. The stock S65V8 is replaced by a huge MAST Motorsports V-8 engine which elevates the stock hood bulge on a grander scale. The powerful engine is mated to a Samsonas sequential gearbox. Nitron shocks, Wilwood brakes, and a Wisefab front and rear check the boxes in the In the suspension and brakes department.

      HGK Racing and Bluss' E92 Eurofighter had a memorable debut when it went from show car to tech inspected competing drift car at the 2017 Formula Drift Finale at Irwindale. Bluss campaigned it during the 2018 Formula Drift season even picking up his first win at Road Atlanta, but for 2019 he returned home to his native Latvia with the car in the red livery you see above.

      Check out a quick clip of HGK Racing and Bluss' E92 Eurofighter in action:


      Jake "DriftSquid" Jones - RBM3

      Australian Jones drives one of the more unique E92 M3's in the world. His car has a drift cult like following - the RBM3.

      There are track toys, race cars, and weekend warriors across the world which may have swapped out the E92's S65 V8 engine for something else, but how many have the legendary RB six-cylinder turbocharged engine from the Nissan Skyline GT-R?

      Jones' RBM3 is not just for show. Up until recently the RB engine was tuned to scream to 10,000 RPM. I believe it was recently tuned to a little below that, but it is a screaming RB inside a E92 M3. I think we can let him continue to round up to 10k.

      Not only being a drift competitor and piloting the beautiful RBM3, but Jones also is a successful "drift vlogger". He puts out a continuous stream of content showcasing his escapades in the world of drifting and of course shows off the building and rebuilding of the RBM3.

      Check out this great video from Jones' YouTube Channel:

      James Deane | Facebook

      James Deane | Facebook

      James Deane - E92 Eurofighter

      I know what you are thinking. A list of three best E92 M3 race cars and two of the cars are the same. Well if you put the two time defending Formula Drift champion James Deane in one of HGK Racing's works of art, the car has to make the list.

      HGK Racing built the overall car much like Bluss' E92 Eurofighter, but with the exception of some support pieces to the car Deane's race team made it their own.

      One of the biggest differences between Deane's car versus Bluss' is that Deane's car is powered by the Toyota 2JZ turbocharged engine he has come to know and love. The car currently only competes in Europe, but many stateside are hoping it may make a Formula Drift debut next year.

      Check out Deane's first test with the car:


      Ending Thoughts

      So I gave you three of the best E92 M3 race cars in the world. The three have their own different engine types: a V8, a RB, and a 2JZ. One is in Latvia, another down under in Australia, and the last one is currently somewhere in Western Europe.

      Know of a E92 M3 race car can hang with these three that competes in a race series? I would love to hear about it. Leave it in the comments below.

      For more of my automotive exploits, you can follow me on Instagram: @DKorecki or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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