The Custom Files: The Monte Carlo

- Ron bought the car brand new in late '50. If you've ever been in a chopped top car you know how hard it is to see out of them. Ron wanted a practical Kustom. In '51 or '52 he sent it to Valley Custom for it's 1st build.
- The car was sectioned 5 inches and the rear wheel openings were arched, adding to the low profile look. Since the top was unchopped visibility was excellent. The seats were lowered 3 inches.
- The tail lights are a combo of '52 DeSoto & '51 Ford parking lights. The chrome filler piece was also made so the exhaust pipes could exit through them. The trunk was shaved & bumper is a '52 Ford.
- Once finished, the car was named The Monte Carlo & took 1st place at the '52 L.A. Motorama. The car also was named best Custom at the '53 Roadster Show & was chosen as the Custom Car of the Year by Motor Life Magazine readers.
- Following a '57 traffic accident Ron had the car redesigned by Valley Custom. The bumpers were replaced with nerf bars and the grill, headlights & hood were reworked also.
- The new version of The Monte Carlo was selected as a top 10 custom in '58. Ron put the car in storage after that and in '70 he sold the car to his nephew Gary Rand. Gary owned the car for the next 35 years.
- 35 years of neglect can be hard on any car & Kustoms are no different.
- In 2005 Gary noticed the great restoration work that Steve Frisbie did to Ralph Jilek's '40 Ford and contacted him about his uncles Kustom.
- Steven jumped at the chance to work on the famous car. In 2011 the car was shown in its unrestored state at the Grand National Roadster Shows Customs Then & Now display.
- The restored Monte Carlo made its debut at the 2015 66th annual Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA. Looking as good as it did in '58!

"The Monte Carlo" Ron Dunn's '50 Ford.

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  • Sensational Car! I think it has really held it's age incredibly well. Great story Chris, Thanks!

    1 month ago
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