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The customization of a Rolls-Royce really has no limits...really

The only limit is actually the customer's imagination

36w ago


It is no secret that Rolls-Royce's personalization services are in high demand by all customers. So solicited that crossing a Rolls-Royce in the basic configuration is simply a miracle. Painting, dashboard and upholstery can be the subject of sometimes unusual and unique requests.

Everything is possible at Rolls-Royce! And this is good news since a customer, visibly disappointed by the impressive Starlight Headliner roof representing a starry sky, has decided to order a ceiling of a completely different nature. He ordered the realization of an embroidered peregrine falcon for his Wraith.

This work took more than a month of work and required more than 250,000 stitches. It was also necessary to observe a peregrine falcon for hours in order to make the bird as beautiful as possible. It was essential to study the bird's posture and feathers. It is however difficult if not impossible to achieve so many stitches on leather but at Rolls-Royce, nothing is impossible!

In addition to the falcon, the customer asked for a two-tone exterior shade mixing blue and white with the famous hand-painted line. The latter includes imaged falcon wings. The customer of this Rolls-Royce Wraith would probably be a falconry enthusiast. The vehicle ordered therefore fully conforms to the person's profile!

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