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  • I think it was dropped as a child. It’s real ugly.

      29 days ago
  • I won't say cute, but it looks quite good in this gloss black grille(i hate the chrome grille variants actually)

      29 days ago
  • Damn it its cute😅

      29 days ago
  • It’s actually cool looking!

      29 days ago
  • I think it's a really nice car , but there are at least 2 details I don't really like:

    -The DRL. It looks ridiculous both on this version and the original i10.

    -The massive C-pillar and the upward sloping window line. Just no - it makes rear visibility worse and induces claustrophobia in passengers, without any benefits. It's like they thought they can pull of a sporty design, but it just doesn't fits the big picture.

    Otherwise it shows Hyundai is improving - yeah, one can say it's cute without having to regret that statement.

      28 days ago


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