The CyberLandr Overlander turns your Tesla Cybertruck into a campervan

So, it's a kit for an unreleased car which looks will likely change?

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Tesla has promised the arrival of the Cybertruck for some time now, and we haven't seen any updates on it yet. But that hasn't stopped other companies making funky accessories for it, such as this campervan kit.

It is called the CyberLandr and it is essentially a block of flats which emerges from the back of the pickup's bed much like Clarkson did to the back of a Citroen in the old days of Top Gear. Except, this one retracts and looks far more space-like.

The added weight may be a concern to some people as it may reduce the car's range by a lot, but CyberLandr claims it reduces the range by just five percent.

Inside this Cybertruck camper, you will notice it has been divided into two main rooms which consist of a large living area and a bathroom offering space for up to two adults and two children. The living space features a kitchen area with a porcelain countertop, an under-counter fridge, and a sink.

Then when you want to chill, When you want to relax, you will also find two freestanding reclining seats that can be transformed into a queen-size bed and a 32-inch 4K television to watch all your latest shows. It has also been fited with a StarLink dish which provides the camper with internet access.

There is also a little bathroom which is complete with a shower and a self-cleaning toilet eliminating the need for a black water tank. On top of that, it has been fitted with solar panels on the roof which generate up to 500 watts charge to up the Cybertruck's batteries.

Prices for this kit start at $49,995. Those interested in getting one are advised to place a $5,000 deposit which adds a 20 percent discount bringing the price down to $39,995, but only 20 units are available with this discount. However, since we don't know what the Cybertruck will end up looking like, CyberLandr has said its looks may change.

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