- The Cybertruck. Pic Credit: Tesla

When the Cybertruck's window smashed during the demo at the reveal, my mother told me that the vehicle won't sell. I sometimes wish she knew that Tesla has a few loyal followers in the world, by few I mean hundred thousands going on to millions.

Well having a few loyalists who want an electric vehicle really made Tesla's day when it comes to ordering the Cybertruck. Elon Musk on twitter tweeted the number of orders Tesla has received for the Cybertruck - 146,000 orders and even gave a breakdown of them.

This means they are set to make a lot of money. Let me break that down for you only using base price and without self driving feature.

Single motor - 17% of 146,000 = 24,820 orders X $39,900 = $990,318,000

Dual motor - 42% of 146,000 = 61,320 orders X $49,900 = $3,059,868,000

Tri motor - 41% of 140,000 = 59,860 orders X $69,900 = $4,184,214,000

This sums up to $8.23 Billion worth of sales in first 24 hours

I admit the Cybertruck doesn't look like anything else out there, but, this electric truck just made Tesla $8.23 billion in sales when these trucks are delivered, that for any company, let alone an automotive company it is quite impressive.

What do you think?

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