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The Cybertruck: Tesla's Newest Automotive "Masterpiece?"

Behind Tesla's F-150 killer

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Elon Musk's latest creation: the Cybertruck, hit the stage at Tesla's Space X factory in LA on November 21st.

Elon Musk showed the truck's durability in a series of tests on stage, one of which resulted in an unplanned broken window, to which Elon cursed under his breath and kept presenting.



The Cybertruck has 14000+ superchargers, which, as Musk explains, can probably power a small apartment.

Even more impressive is the starting pricetag of $39,900 for the Single Motor AWD version. There is also a mid range Dual Motor AWD at $49,000, and finally a Tri Motor AWD that boasts a 2.9 second 0-60 time for $69,900, which is not much for something that can out drag race a Porsche 911 on the quarter mile WITH the Porsche being given a head start.

Fun Fact: The Cybertruck can do a quarter-mile in 10.8 seconds

Musk also unveiled an all electric ATV that can be charged in the back of the truck when it is parked in the bed.

The range of the truck varies with the three versions, having a base 250+ mile range all the way to a 500+ mile range.

The Cybertruck can also hold a payload of up to 3500 pounds compared to the 2,300 pounds that the 2020 Ford-150 can. It also can beat the Ford F-150 in a tug of war.

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  • It’s just an over glorified iron on wheels. He must’ve drawn it himself.

    My name is Elon: age 2 .this is what I’m going to do in a few decades and people will blindly follow me shouting my name because of how much of a god I am and how I have pioneered the EV

    Not the real life Tony Stark just Thomas Edison but not drad

      9 months ago