Thinking about buying a car is a complicated and not always enjoyable task. It always depends on what the duties and properties of the car in question shall be. And making a decision that has an effect on your bank account is never easy. Every car purchase is different and has its own difficulties.

In my case, I have only one main reason to buy a new car: I can't shift gears anymore.

It's an embarrassing fact that I forgot how to drive cars with a manual gearbox. Well, I haven't actually completly forgotten. It's just not an acceptable way of bearing my own existence when breaking out in a cold sweat is what happens to me, whenever somebody asks me to have a go in their manual operated drive. Most of the time I do it anyway. - And then they break out in cold sweat.

I can'T shift gears anymore.

There, I said it.

To decide that I want new car (whenever I say 'new', I mean 'new for me'), was easy. To decide what car to buy, isn't at all. I have limitless time to think about it. An that's the problem.

I don't need my car for daily commute. So it hasn't to be the most economical, most comfortable ride. I want to have fun with it. A lot. But sadly, I'm not a racing driver. So, even if it's good for it to be small, uncomfortable and fast round corners, it also needs to impress with looks, more than I'm able to impress with skills. Yes, I do want to show off a little.

And for goodness sake, I don't want a large, heavy brick again.

I want a Volvo 340, but I can't even find one to buy.

I want a Porsche 924 Turbo, but can only afford the tattered version.

I want a '80s Mazda RX-7, but what if the engine gets f***ed?

I want an elderly Golf GTI, but really?

And how to proceed from here, if it is even an option to have one of these, because it's exactly what would fit me best, if you would know me:

I'm lost.

Please leave your expression of help, malice, laughter and disinterest in the comments.


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