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    Comments (97)
    • I hope for your sake Jethro, you never meet my wife. After years of wanting, I bought this last week...

      1 month ago
    • Great video - I owned a 996GT3 and thought it was a fantastic car. You really had to know how to drive to get the most out of it.

      Great purchase, enjoy it to the max - don't let the 996 naysayers get to you - its actually much better than the 993.

      1 month ago
    • One day I will Upgrade from my 987 Boxster S to a 911 - need one in my life!!

      1 month ago
    • After watching that, I'd defo buy a 996. Still a 911 after all!!

      1 month ago
    • Fantastic video as always. Much like your 996 GT3 vs Cayman GTS video inspired me a few years ago (I ended up buying a Cayman GTS and will never let it go), this video is making me want to browse the classifieds for a 996...

      1 month ago
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