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Our time with the VXR8 is almost at an end – and so is yours, as soon HSV will stop building these rear-drive V8 super saloons. Goodbye, friend

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  • So sad here in Melbourne Australia the last v8's coming off the production line are being bought for ever increasing prices I have heard of people paying 3 times the market value just so they can own one. Now that's what you call an obsession. But I believe a replacement will soon arrive The Kia Stinger is a twin turbo V6 with RWD and I think as long as they tweek the suspension for Aussie roads then this car will be what the Holden lovers will drive. But I also think that the value of Holden v8's will increase so if you have the $ go out and buy one I know if I can persuade the finance director (The Wife) to open the cheque book I will be heading to my nearest Holden Dealer.

      4 years ago
  • Sad day indeed when Holden closes its doors to making, what is, the best cars in Australia. I think in 10 years time we will all be still driving those great cars because, lets face it, nothing compares to a Holden going down the freeway at full chat.

    The king is dead, long live the king.

      4 years ago
    • they done a good job Aussie Mechanic putting IRS on US muscle cars, very good with a spanner and a hammer.

        4 years ago
  • 😢bye bye HSV

      4 years ago
  • As a Aussie this really makes me sad that there will be no cars like this built in Australia any more and it really hurts.

      4 years ago
    • paul, lets not get soppy - these cars have been opels with chevy big blocks for a long time. But I agree the end of the Oz manufacture of muscle cars - even if it could be best termed assembly - is a tragedy

        4 years ago
    • James, they haven't been Opels for over a decade. Holden itself developed the Zeta platform, not Opel or anyone else, and zeta was used in the Camaro. . Sad, indeed, is the loss of an...

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        4 years ago
  • Worth it

      4 years ago