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The Dacia Sandero performs decently on the moose test

A significant improvement over the previous model

2w ago

The Dacia Sandero only got two stars in the Euro NCAP crash test. While the car provides the essentials in terms of passive safety, it is completely lacking in active safety where most of the driving aids now evaluated by the organisation are absent, even as an option.

Also, does the Romanian city car offer good handling? After all, this is also an integral part of active safety as it can prevent an accident. The answer is provided by the Spaniards from km77 who put the new Sandero through the dreaded moose test.

The car got a reasonable result, completing the exercise at a maximum speed of 73 kph (45.4 mph), a result that is not flamboyant but largely satisfactory. The car's reactions were particularly predictable with a rear axle that was much composed than on the previous generation.

The understeer is naturally present in reasonable proportions. This is due to the 16-inch wheels fitted with high-sidewall tires. Body roll is also pronounced due to the soft suspension and the higher centre of gravity of this Stepway version. But all in all, the Sandero offers a safe handling.

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Comments (12)

  • Good news!

      16 days ago
  • ooh, that slide on the first curve made my heart skip a beat

      15 days ago
  • The moose test?

      16 days ago
    • It’s called that because it’s if an object appears blocking a huge portion of a road (a moose) and you have to evade it

        16 days ago
    • Oh ok, thanks

        16 days ago
  • C est une très belle voiture, c est notre fierté ❤❤❤🇲🇦🇲🇫🇷🇴

      13 days ago
  • Anyway...

      14 days ago