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The Dallara Stradale EXP. Has the Ariel Atom finally been beaten?

Dallara have built a reputation over the years for building some of the greatest chassis' ever made. This may well be the best one yet.

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Dallara, a company that many will not have heard of, but one that has, and still does produce some of the most sensational chassis’ in the automotive world. For a company as significant but as unheard of as this one, I think that starting with a little bit of history is important. M. R. Dallara was an Italian aeronautical engineer who in 1959 was hired by Ferrari to work for the racing arm Scuderia. He soon then moved to Maserati and then to Lamborghini where he led the team who developed the Lamborghini Miura, and by this point he was still only 27 years old. Not a bad start then. By 1973 he set up his own workshop developing both racing and road chassis'. In the decades since, the company have built a reputation as one of the world's leading racing chassis manufacturers. If you have ever perused a racing channel and watched either a Formula 3 or IndyCar race you have watched of racing series where most of the grid are using a Dallara chassis. Their road car resume is also full of magical hits. The Alfa Romeo 8C and 4C, KTM X-Bow, Maserati MC12 and the rather well-known Bugatti Veyron and its replacement the Chiron. Again, a pretty comprehensive and bloody impressive list.

Amazingly however, the company had never branched out to building their own cars until 2018 when they launched the Stradale. An extreme road legal track focused sports car in the same vein as KTM X-Bow and the Ariel Atom. It was widely regarded and reviewed as being an excellent machine. It weighed a wonderfully nothing 855 KG and had a Ford EcoBoost 2.3 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder. For the new EXP, thankfully the recipe hasn’t really changed, in premise that is at least. This is a far more hardcore variant and is no longer a road legal vehicle. The engine is the same 2.3 litre turbo four pot but it has been boosted to a crazy 493bhp and 516LB ft of torque. That is up almost 100bhp from the standard car. Surprisingly it weighs in at a touch more at 890kg, but that is probably due to that massive and incredibly cool swan neck rear spoiler.

There is also a new aero kit and a much larger rear diffuser which according to Dallara will help the EXP generate up to 2.7 g in high-speed cornering and make 1250 KG of downforce at its top speed of 180mph. Seriously impressive. There are rumours circulating that it has set a lap time around Mugello, during testing, equivalent to that of a current GT3 race car pole position. One of the coolest features about the EXP though is that if you already have a standard road legal Stradale, Dallara will transform it into an EXP and the whole conversion is completely reversible should you decide you want to go back to having regular appointments with the chiropractor. Dallara have made a sensationally fast car into something mind-blowing. I have to say this might have just leapfrogged the BAC Mono as my new favourite track weapon.

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