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The Rusty Rex Rallies journey out to Reims for the start of Rex to Nice 2018.

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Passport check, Ferry tickets check, Credit card check and almost ready! Car packed with all the paraphernalia, now just to be reunited with the rest of the Rusty Rex team.

5.30am 11th July 2018 early start!

A Quick drive up to Pete's, (Rusty's trusted side kick). I find him stood outside his flat bag packed looking very organised. "You're late!" I tried telling him it was the traffic, but at 5.45am he didn't buy it. So to the next pick up. Kieren (Rusty's oldest friend) so a short drive and the team would be complete. Pete carried on muttering about time keeping and quality of driving, till 15 mins later stopping at the bottom of Kieren's drive, a quick blast on the horn just to ensure everyone was awake, then a smiling face appeared. "Hi Lads, So I see Pete's called shotgun," lol. We both smile at Kieren bowling down the drive holding a cup of coffee and a pillow. "Traveling light then" just as I spy a big pile of unnecessary luggage behind him.

So after squeezing Kieren and junk into the 320d we got under way. First stop Dover, or maybe not. One Costa stop, One toilet stop then One Greggs stop and miles of sarcasm (mainly at the expense of my driving) we reach Dover.

After a 30 minute wait and annoying the good people of Dover port with our siren we load on to the cross channel ferry to Calais.

The Rally Rex to Nice was due to start the next morning, but before that we needed to meet and sign all the teams on to the event. Meet and greet was due to be in a bar in Reims centre from 7pm. Plenty of time as we landed in France just after 1pm, a short drive seen us checked into the hotel and at the venue to prepare for the evening meet.

Evening venue preparation done, time for dinner before the teams start to arrive. Much talk over dinner about the adventure in front of us and what the next 4 days would hold. But first to get through the signing up process.

This was going to be interesting as England were playing Croatia in some semi-final of football! Getting people to a bar just before the game was not a problem. Getting them to concentrate on signing on to the rally something else ( the half time rush of ralliers wanting to get there T-shits lanyards etc was interesting lol).

So a late and busy night in Reims for the Rusty Rex crew. England were out of the World Cup (which may or may not make running the banger-rally easier). But with all teams accounted for and signed on to the event Kieren and Pete apparently decided they needed more food! So in the form of a kebab and chips a 1am snack was found and consumed before bed.

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