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The Day is Here!

An exciting look in to delivery day of my new toy

8w ago

38 years, 10 months, 25 days, 15 hours and the time is here. Years of indecisiveness have come to this, the culmination of years of work and dreams. This moment is filled with anxious thoughts. Have I made the right decision? Am I being somewhat responsible with this purchase? What if meeting one of my heroes leaves me feeling unfulfilled? There are other thoughts though, ones of sheer joy and excitement. Like a child at Christmas waiting to see what gifts lie under the tree, my heart is pounding and I am sweating nervously as we await the arrival of our new toy. As I stare out the window awaiting the delivery truck, I am growing impatient and every minute seems to last an hour. Finally, the truck trundles in to view and I shoot out of the house and flag down the driver like a group of kids chasing an ice cream truck. My smile is now ear to ear and I cannot believe this is actually happening. My wife follows outside and watches as I try not to hyperventilate in my excitement. I pace back and forth as the delivery driver opens the truck and unloads a few cars so that our new car can be seen for the first time. Well, at least, its general shape can be seen as it is under a cover. Words are escaping me as the driver uncovers the car and I can see the beautiful Agate Grey color for the first time. We purchased this car online, via pictures only, and pictures do not do the beauty justice. Our first Porsche is unloaded from the truck and we can soak in the moment. We walk around the car and I gawk in amazement that I actually own a mid-engine sports car. A Porsche Cayman 981 to be exact.

Why is this so exciting and monumental you ask? Because I am a certified car nut. I love any and everything about them. Especially ones that impart some sort of emotional response, and this one fits the bill. My poor wife has dealt with my addiction for years. She has listened to my hair-brained thoughts as I come home and say “I’ve found THE car” and then the next day I reason that it was not the right decision. I’ve looked at everything from Baja trucks, muscle cars and everything other style of car you can think of. Literally, years of bouncing around from some cool cars to some not so good choices has finally come to an end. I came to the realization after going back to the well of Porsche multiple times, something no other car made me do. The Cayman called to me. I spoke with friends who work for or have driven the Cayman and the answers were all the same. “Buy the car.” That is what I did. After months of scouring listings, and “losing” one car to a deal that the dealership just would not do, this Cayman popped up and we swooped in. Several phone calls and emails later the car was put on the truck and shipped to us here in central Texas from northern California.

This is my first real sports car ownership experience and two weeks in I could not be any happier. I smile every time I see the car and have on occasion walked in to the garage and been confused as to who has parked in my spot. I know some of you may not understand my emotions as they pertain to the car, but to say I love it is an understatement. I’ve worked many long days and put in many thousands of miles behind the wheels of less than stellar cars to get to this point. I am a proud, and yet humble owner of one of my heroes. These Porsches have always been on the list to own and now I do. I guess I will wrap this up and not ramble on any more, but I will leave you with this. Go after what you want, put in the work and surround yourself with people who support your goals and they will come. Enjoy life, as it is short and fleeting. Find a cool car, whatever it is, and drive it.

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  • I am so glad you are enjoying your ride. I can't wait to "borrow" your car!!

      1 month ago
  • Welcome to the club Ashley.

      1 month ago